Low Season

from 01/10 to 30/04


from 01/05 to 31/06


from 01/07 to 30/09

Above 30mt of boat and longer periods contact by email or phone (+39 3281028650 – +39 3272076991)

LunghezzaBassa stagioneMedia stagioneAlta stagioneAnnuale
fino a 5mt€25,00€25,00€30,00€1600,00
fino a 6mt€25,00€25,00€30,00€1650,00
fino a 7mt€25,00€30,00€35,00€1800,00
fino a 8mt€25,00€35,00€40,00€2100,00
fino a 9mt€25,00€40,00€40,00€2300,00
fino a 10mt€30,00€45,00€45,00€2600,00
fino a 11mt€35,00€50,00€50,00€2900,00
fino a 12mt€40,00€55,00€60,00€3200,00
fino a 13mt€45,00€60,00€70,00€3500,00
fino a 14mt€50,00€65,00€70,00€3800,00
fino a 15mt€55,00€70,00€80,00€4100,00
fino a 16mt€60,00€75,00€90,00€4600,00
fino a 17mt€65,00€80,00€100,00€5100,00
fino a 18mt€70,00€85,00€110,00€5500,00
fino a 19mt€75,00€95,00€130,00€5900,00
fino a 20mt€80,00€110,00€150,00€6400,00
fino a 21mt€85,00€130,00€170,00€7400,00
fino a 22mt€95,00€150,00€190,00€8300,00
fino a 23mt€110,00€170,00€220,00€9300,00
fino a 24mt€130,00€190,00€250,00€10.300,00
fino a 25mt€150,00€200,00€280,00€11.000,00
fino a 26mt€170,00€220,00€300,00€13.000,00
fino a 27mt€190,00€240,00€330,00€16.000,00
fino a 28mt€210,00€270,00€360,00€17.000,00
fino a 29mt€230,00€300,00€390,00€18.000,00
fino a 30mt€250,00€330,00€420,00€21.000,00